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Pet Food Recalled, 14 Pet Deaths Confirmed

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The Food and Drug administration has confirmed 14 animal deaths in relation to a major pet food recall of 91 brands of different pet foods. The agency is getting hundreds of phone calls from concerned consumers.

Officials are still investigating the cause of contaminations said the director of the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine. As of yet there are no confirmed leads, but suspicions are pointing to a possible contamination of wheat gluten that is used in pet food to thicken gravy in the “cuts and gravy” dog and cat foods that are sold in cans and pouches.

The pet food maker Menu Foods of Ontario Canada had just recently switched suppliers for wheat gluten and that is the only change that has coincided with the reported pet deaths. The broker who sold the wheat gluten to the company had gotten it from various different sources the FDA is still trying to trace it back to one broker. The broker has not been identified.

Menu Foods has a complete listing of the recalled pet foods and copies of the press releases on their website to further help you make sure you don’t have any pet food that could harm your pet.