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Recalled Pet Food Tainted with Rat Poison

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Rat poison made its way into recalled pet food that is suspected in the deaths of 16 dogs and cats nationwide, according to researchers at Cornell University.

Menu Foods, an Ontario-based pet food contractor, recalled 60 million containers of “cuts and gravy” style pet foods last week. The pet food recalled includes food manufactured for Cincinnati based Proctor & Gamble and Eukanuba brands to name a few. In total there are 95 national brand pet foods affected by the recall.

The food was causing kidney failure I dogs and cats. The products in question were produced at Menu Food plans in Emporia and Pennsauken, New Jersey. To see a detailed list of all the pet foods included in the recall, visit Menu Foods.

The Associated Press reports, the toxin found in tested samples of the recalled pet food was identified as aminopterin, used to kill rats in other countries. In the United States, this toxin is used in the making of certain cancer treatments. Officials have not speculated about how they believe the toxin got into the pet food, though no criminal investigations have been reported.